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Which one is your dream kitchen?

Open Kitchen_______Classic Kitchen_______French Country Kitchen

Bringing your idea of a dream kitchen into reality take a process and a plan, The Better Living Solutions’ process provides you with the kitchen you have always wanted. By using The Better Living Solutions process we will walk you through your renovations from a wonderful idea to final enjoyable kitchen with no stress.

The Better Living Solutions process makes each stage in the renovation or remodelling a joy and minimises your worries.

Idea: The Better Living Solutions Group designer will sit with you and go over all the ideas that you have for your new kitchen. We will review the Better Living Solutions New Kitchen Question List to find out how you currently use your kitchen, the things you desire to have in your new kitchen, remove any items that you do not enjoy, and start the process of building you a kitchen you enjoying and want to be in.

Design: Once The Better Living Solutions Group designer has all:

  • your ideas,
  • your needs,
  • your wants,
  • the size and layout of your current kitchen,
  • the new size and layout from an expandtion to the kitchen,
  • and the new colour scheme
  • The Better Living Solutions Group designer will use:

    Kitchen Design Software

    Kitchen Design Software

  • our in-house computer design tool,
  • building codes,
  • industry standards,
  • rule of thumbs,
  • and your desired finished outcome
  • To design the kitchen you will be happy to be in, cook in, and entertain in. We are then able to walk you through your new kitchen on the computer to make any last minutes changes to the design that you would like. By doing this you are able to see the final outcome before the renovation process start.

    The Binder: The Better Living Solutions Group Binder is designed to provide you with all the information you will need for your renovation and remodelling project in one place. It will hold all the information you need during and after the project. Inside the binder you will find the final quote, the project plan and time line, copies of all permit and reports, sample of product materials and your chosen paint colour, change request forms, the payment schedule, and all telephone number required for service during and after the project. Having this single source for all information pertaining to your project is one other way The Better Living Solutions Group reducing the information overload and lets our clients enjoy the makeover of their kitchen into the room they have always wanted.

    Construction: When it comes to the removal of your old kitchen appliance and cupboards the The Better Living Solutions Group coordinator will take care of all of the details on your behalf, including;

  • temporary cooking arrangements,
  • moving of food and dishes,
  • removal of old cupboards,
  • permits,
  • inspections,
  • plumbing,
  • electrical,
  • or structural work (moving walls, installing windows, etc.)
  • The Better Living Solutions Group renovation coordinator uses the project plan which includes every step in the renovation process, to manage the schedule so you only have to speak with one person or look in the binder to access the information you are seeking at any given time.

    The Better Living Solutions Group comprehensive approach to total kitchen renovation management affords the highest possible level of professionalism and coordination with the lowest possible amount of delay, inaccuracy, or unanswered questions.

    By having The Better Living Solutions Group you the homeowner are not left to juggle the various trades and workers that might be needed for their project, and to deal with any problems that might arise from a lack of communication or proper coordination themselves. At The Better Living Solutions Group, however, we coordinate every aspect of the design and renovation process, sparing you any unwanted hassles as well as the burden of the ongoing maintenance and coordination such a project demands.

    This is why our clients enjoy the makeover of their kitchen into the room they have always wanted.

    The two week follow-up: After a Better Living Solutions wonderful kitchen renovations clients need a week or two to get use to the new space and usually have a question about the renovation or their new kitchen. This is why the Better Living Solutions Group has the two week follow up meeting with all our clients. Together we review the follow-up questions list in the project binder and answer all the questions the client may have.

    This is why Better Living Solutions clients are always ecstatic with the service and renovations they receive from the Better Living Solutions Group.

    What do you want your kitchen to be?

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