Pigeon Terrace Roof

The perfectly finished roof with its newly painted black trim adds a clean roof line to this home.

The old warn and curling shingles along with all the old tar paper and edging were removed to make way for a complete new finish to this roof.

Pigeon Terrace Finished with Trim Painted

As with all Better Living Solution project a big part of the work is what is not seen.

  • All new black steel drip edge / starter was added to the roof.  The 4 inch wide drip edge / starter strip adds a strong edge to the roof and shingles.
  • 6 feet of ice shield was added to the front and back edge of the roof.  3 feet of ice shied was added to all sides of the roof.  This protects the wood on the edge of the roof underneath the new shingles form any water or ice damage.
  • Pigeon Terrace 6 foot Roof Ice Shield

    Pigeon Terrace Roof 3 Foot Ice Shield up the Side

  • New tar paper was added to cover the rest of the roof.
  • Pigeon Terrace Roof Tar Paper

  • Because there was an air flow issue with the old roof, the better living solutions group added a new Maximum 301 roof vent to the roof.  This increases the air flow under the roof and is designed to provide proper air flow to a 1000-1200 Sq Ft roof.
  • Pigeon Terrace New Roof Vent

  • The weather forecast changed mid-week so Better Living Solutions covered the roof with a 30 by 50 foot tarp protecting the uncovered roof from any water or damage.  The home owner also received a call in the morning making sure the tarp was still in place and there were no issue with the weather.
  • To finish off the new shingles all the wood trim was painted black matching the roof.
  • Pigeon Terrace Roof Finished with Trim Painted


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