Renovation Financing

Whether you are going to undertaking a small renovation to a bathroom or large scale redesign of your home there is a number of home financing options available to fund these renovations.

Home Improvements and Renovations Financing

Daren Sedore having spent more than 10 years working at two of the foremost Canadian banks, has extensive experience in providing mortgage solutions for his clients that best suit their financial needs. As a Mortgage Advisor, Daren works with clients from all across Canada – from the first time buyer applying for their initial mortgage to the seasoned homeowner who is refinancing. Daren works with over 50 different banks and lending institutions. This allows him to ensure that you are getting the best mortgage solution available. Daren takes great pride in the exceptional customer service he provides to his clients. Let Daren put his years of experience to work for you. Contact Daren today to discuss your mortgage and home renovation financing.


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